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Re: PCMCIA "make all" errors

> Hey all,

> 	I am running debian 2.2 on a nec versa 4000c with the
> cirrus logic PD6722 pcmcia controller with kernel
> 2.2.18pre21.  I installed the kernel source and the
> pcmcia source to /usr/src/linux/modules/pcmcia-cs/ and
> the pcmcia-modules with apt-get.

> 	Following the pcmcia-howto I first did "make
> configure" on the pcmcia source and use the defaults,
> and that went fine.  Next I did "make all" in the
> process of doing this I recieve and error and the
> compiling halts.

I take a guess that you compiled your own kernel (from /usr/src/linux). In
this case, what you should do, is remove the debian /usr/include/linux
branch (after backing it up, of course) and symlinking /usr/include/linux to
the place of your custom made kernel include files (probably

I admid, I don't know how this relates to debian packages, since the files
from /usr/src/linux are undoubtedly in some package, so deleting them just
like this might be considered rude by apt, etc...

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