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Re: lie to apt

G'Day !

I installed my entire laptop using dpkg.  It let me chode the packages I needed
without getting bogged down in dselect (dselect is mighty slow on a 486  ;-)  It
also let me force package installs.  For example I installed GTK+ from source,
so I had to force install the gtk_glarea package, because the database did not
know GTK was already installed.

The man page is really good about explaining the switches.

Jim Parker

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Is there a way to manually edit the database that says which packages
are installed?  I set up a small system, using potato, and am adding
several packages from source.  I added stuff like glib-1.2.8, tcl-8.32,
tk8.3.2, etc.  How can I tell apt that these packages are installed?
Or at least make it think the potato version is installed.


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