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Re: ssh2 and non-stable

> Is it safe to run the non-stable software package ssh2?  Can I safely use
> apt-get to install it on my Dell laptop?  I guess my question is really -
> does non-stable mean it is unsafe, or just not garanteed to be safe.  
> Will an apt-get installation still check for conflicts and dependencies?
You might want to stick to 'testing' instead of 'unstable'.  Testing means
they're pretty sure it will work and it's a candidate for the next release
stuff (tho the user base is slim so there may be gotchas).  Unstable means
entirely new packages, entirely new features, and those things which are
compiled against the libraries or go with packages that only exist in unstable.
So, many things exist in both testing and unstable.

To use the codewords I *think* 'testing' is woody and 'unstable' is sid.

> And what do I put in my sources.list to get it?  I tried adding a source
> suggested on Usenet, but apt-get still could not locate and install ssh2.
Clone your present potato lines.  change the word 'stable' or 'potato' to

> I've successfully installed and am running ssh, but one of the servers I
> connect with requires Protocol 2.
I believe the ssh which the description states is an openssh port, handles
both protocols.

> Thanks.... not only for any help with this but for all the help I've
> gotten reading this list since I started running Debian in August. I'm
> slowly learning little by little thanks to you guys!  I use Debian on my
> laptop as a portable web site development platform using Apache, perl, and
> various SQL databases.
> Thanks,
> brew 

Cool.  Hope the above was useful.  Have a great day.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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