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Re: Back to Windows??

> And good luck with a scanner, cd-rw, off brand sound card, tape drive and 
> the like. [many megapulses of whining deleted]

Considering that they have the same problem should they choose NT, the
champion of Redmond's dreams, I think your negative rant is a waste of bits.

(this one isn't, I actually have answers below)

> And don't bother asking for help

bull pockeys.  

> most people 1) also would like to know 

and some will "hit it with their best shot" - this is a users group, not
a surgeon's lab, nor are we omniscient.  So even someone who thinks they
know for sure will often hedge their bets.

> or 2) know the issue, but are smug and won't answer.  [the whining of
>       prima donna programmer types deleted.]

Those folks deserve the flames they get in private mail from the old hands,
to the tune of "then shut up on the darn list so you won't prove what a jerk
you can be."

Besides you said "most" and linux is a land of individuals.  Nobody reading
this list cares that "most" of its subscribers might not ever say anything
at all!  They only care about those who say something, and have to hit a
lot of D)elete and Pgdn to get past stupid rants to the good stuff.

Ask a question, get your answers, respond conversationally rather than as
a pissing contest when we ask for something better than "it's busted" as
a problem description, and let us flame an occasional dork in private, okay? 

> ... pack it up until 2002 ...

So you're interested in giving up on your laptop for now.  Okay.  Run NT
or w98 or whatever it came with on it, and put Linux in a VMware box.  Run 
every single linux distro's installer in it for all we care.  (Try progeny's
since it could use a good run through things like that.  I *am* being serious 
an not just snippy with you.)   You can break it a zillion times and still 
go back to your precious windows box when you have to get back to work.  
Either you'll become an experienced dual booter (in a slightly odd sense of 
dual booting) or you'll learn enough about your Linux desires to pick what 
you really want.

Most people have no idea what they really want, anyway.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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