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Re: Back to Windows??

> But I don't care if it's free, easy, purple or written on the back of a 
> matchbook.
> I just want it to work.  And so far, none of the OSs meet that requirement.
> That's all I want.  I want it to work the way it's supposed to.
Get one of the CD based distros from the listing at LWN (www.lwn.net, a
weekly Linux news zine).

Or buy a Macintosh Performa on Ebay, if you can't afford a G4 cube in the

Or quit your bitching just long enough to burn the Progeny Linux install
CDs (beta) onto some discs, and every single thing that isn't "easy" for
you, put it in their bug base.  Not here (here it is whining) but there
(because there it is an issue from the target market, and probably worth 
looking at).

Progeny is also a debian derivate.  You can stay on the list and many of
the answers that float by here will still work for you.  With any luck
life will be so perfect (whatever that is for you) it won't matter and
we won't be seeing you back until you're feeling expert enough to answer
questions for other people.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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