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Re: installing debian from iomega zip (ppa)

I installed a debian system on a PowerMac G4 some time ago. I had to do this because there were no boot CDs available at that time and of course the PowerMac does not have a floppy drive. You can check the debian-powerpc archives for details of how to do it. Mail from Ethan Benson was the most helpful. Here is a summary (from my memory so it might not be 100% accurate).

Put a kernel on the zip disk.
Put baseXXX.tgz on zip disk.
Put the drivers.tgz on zip disk.

Get your bootroms to load the kernel. I don't think you can do this directly with the PC BIOS. I could with the PowerMac OpenFirmware prompt. For an Intel PC, you may have to setup lilo on a floppy. Infact, you should be able to use the standard boot floppies. You should be able to give a root=/dev/hdc (or whatever the zip drive is). Play around with these ideas.

Good luck,
Brendan Simon.

i4G0 wrote:

well, i need help. i'd like to install a debian system on my laptop.
that's an old Compaq Contura 410c
it has 8mb ram, 330mb hd. it's a 486 cpu. take a look at if you want to get more infos. i have an Iomega Zip unit.. someone else installed a debian system from a zip disk? someone can help me installing it?
my problem is: how can i make a working ramdisk on my zip?
and also: how can i create a bootdisk that makes the zip work?
finally: which .deb should i choose? which is the base system? ftp archives? where?
thank you anticipately.

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