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Re: Back to Windows??

> For you printer have a look at http://www.linuxprointing.org (if I'm
> correct), it has a complate listing of what's supported what's
> half-supported and what's not.
typo: linuxprinting.org

Since you merely complained that your printer "wasn't supported" we can't
tell what you expected of it so far.  Because many parallel devices don't
talk back the way an AGP video card can, it's very hard to autodetect printers.
Even MS isn't too hot in that category.

I daresay with some setups it's easier to get netscape printing a web page 
than a plaintext file to come out without stairsteps.  I recommend for the
plaintext tests that you use something short like /etc/motd or /etc/printcap.

> FOr your isdn-stuff, see the Documentation/sidn/ dir in any kernel-sources
> (there probably is a isdn-howto or more info on
> http://metlab.unc.edu/LDP/)
typo: metalab.  better: http://www.linuxdoc.org/  ... same site.

> And if it helps any, you've not choosen greatly by trying your first
> install on a laptop. Laptops are a big pain in the ass to install corectly
> becaue of all the specialized hardware these things hold.

Laptops have gone through phases of being nearly ordinary parts crammed
into way-too-tight cases, and being highly special weird things.  I think
in a year or two we'll be at another pahase of miniaturization as the
desktop market is selling into "web top box" and "bookend pc" markets, 
but for right now, laptops are in a weird-stuff-lookout-below situation.

Between this and the fact that Linux is just plain better at using last
season's hardware than yesterday's (our happy coders have had time to play
with these things more), yes, laptops are always going to be a bit more 
of a pain.  Less coders afford or get given laptops, and laptop maufacturers
just *love* to churn those chips. :(

Whining about that however doesn't change the fact that those of us here on
this list, have all chosen the road less travelled by, and plan to make a
go of it anyway.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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