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Re: TP570 CD drive won't stop spinning.

On Feb 15, 2001, chip@debian.org wrote:
> Weird thing about this 570's CD-ROM drive: It won't stop spinning
> once it's been used.  It only quiets down if I issue an 'hdparm -y
> /dev/cdrom' command, to force it into suspend mode at that moment.
> Does anyone else have eternally-active CD-ROM drives?  Better yet,
> have you fixed it already?  adTHANKSvance....

I found that the oops HTTP proxy package caused a hard drive access
every 9 seconds or so, which kept my hard drive always awake, even
after I killed oops.  (!)  Uninstalling oops (and rebooting, argh)
fixed the problem.  If not oops, it might be some other package (or

You might also try noflushd from the testing distribution, for cached


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