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Re: 2.4.1 on Inspiron 4000

Hi Chris,

Christopher Dawson wrote:
> The second more puzzling problem is that upon starting X in 2.4.1, I just get presented with a blank screen (not a turned off screen, just a blank one) and my machine locks up. A diff of the two relevent log files shows a bunch of lines which used to end in MXBE now end in MXB, and something about "Systen lacks support for MTRRs". Other than that, nothing.

I would check the boot configuration. Kernel 2.4.0 doesn't seem to
support VESA framebuffer modes, it provides an option fro VGA and
extended VGA only.
There is new mechanism in place which drivers have yet to comply with.
More in kernel documentation, I don't remember the details from the top
of my head.
If you use lilo, check if /etc/lilo.conf has vga parameter set to some
high value ( like 781, or 0x305 ) indicating framebuffer modes and
change it to vga=1, rerun lilo, etc ...
I got a blank screen as well on my T20 ...


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