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2.4.1 on Inspiron 4000

Hey there,

I have woody installed comfortably on my laptop, but am trying to compile 2.4 so I can try out the ACPI and usb support.

My first problem is cardmgr trying to load the memory_cb module (which it never did using 2.2.17) and failing because I don't have it and can't seem to find it anywhere, I'm planning to try the pcmcia-cs package unless anyone has any other ideas.

The second more puzzling problem is that upon starting X in 2.4.1, I just get presented with a blank screen (not a turned off screen, just a blank one) and my machine locks up. A diff of the two relevent log files shows a bunch of lines which used to end in MXBE now end in MXB, and something about "Systen lacks support for MTRRs". Other than that, nothing. 

Does anyone have any ideas?



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