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Re: 2.4.1 on Inspiron 4000

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>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Dawson <chrisda@optushome.com.au> writes:

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Christopher> Hey there, I have woody installed comfortably on my laptop,
Christopher> but am trying to compile 2.4 so I can try out the ACPI and
Christopher> usb support.

Christopher> My first problem is cardmgr trying to load the memory_cb
Christopher> module (which it never did using 2.2.17) and failing
Christopher> because I don't have it and can't seem to find it anywhere,
Christopher> I'm planning to try the pcmcia-cs package unless anyone has
Christopher> any other ideas.

Do you have an updated modutils package?  AFAIK the one in potato is too
old, and you'll have to get the one from woody.  You'll should get
version 2.4 (same version number as the kernel).

Did you install the modules?  If you're building the package manually,
don't forget to "make modules_install".  And you should look into using
the kernel-package tools to make your kernel into a Debian package, so
you won't have to worry about things like that.

If your PCMCIA cards are supported by the kernel, you can try using the
kernel's PCMCIA stuff instead of pcmcia-cs.  NOTE: if you use the
kernel's PCMCIA stuff, DON'T use pcmcia-cs modules.  You'll still need
the utilities from that package (the pcmcia-cs binary package), but you
won't need pcmcia-source.

Christopher> The second more puzzling problem is that upon starting X in
Christopher> 2.4.1, I just get presented with a blank screen (not a
Christopher> turned off screen, just a blank one) and my machine locks
Christopher> up. A diff of the two relevent log files shows a bunch of
Christopher> lines which used to end in MXBE now end in MXB, and
Christopher> something about "Systen lacks support for MTRRs". Other
Christopher> than that, nothing.

No idea.  My only guess would be to make sure MTRR support is compiled
into your kernel, like Sebastian suggested.

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