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Re: freeze after suspend on Inspiron 3500, potato/2.2.17

> Thanks, Jeffery.  I've tried this (i.e. CONFIG_APM=y and everything
> else under APM off) with the same problem of freezing up when I try to
> resume.  At least with this config I don't go into suspend after a
> period of inactivity.
> Can anyone suggest whether the problem is likely to be solved by going
> to a 2.2.18 kernel (I'm using 2.2.17)? Or is the difference more
> likely to be due to the difference in platform (I'm on an Inspiron
> 3500.)
> Thanks,
> Will

I've heard that some machines (probably due to lack of serious testing)
are shipping with working ACPI but broken APM in their BIOS.  If this is
your problem, then going to 2.4 and turning on ACPI would help.

I'd recommend going full boat and patching up to 2.4.2-pre2, since they've
added patches for ACPI, USB, firewire, and Irda, all toys we laptop folks
love to use...    (okay, I *would*, if I had a firewire laptop.)

Of course you can't use apmd anymore if you do that, instead you need
acpid.  Available in testing and unstable (no apparent difference in 
version though)

Getting your vendor to give you a working BIOS is more work than just
trying to improve acpid, sadly.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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