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Re: freeze after suspend on Inspiron 3500, potato/2.2.17

Andreas Mohr writes:
 > [...]
 > I've got an Inspiron 5000e which has all sorts of weird lockups.
 > Many times directly after a screen blanking it just locks up totally
 > (including ping !).
 > Or sometimes there are weird lockups with suspend/resume, yes.
 > As this machine is (in)famous for its "wonderfully working" APM support
 > (boolean variable dell_crap in apm.c of newer, knowing kernels),
 > I strongly suspect that the BIOSes of Dell notebooks are brox!@E$%^$en
 > in general.

Thanks for your response, Andreas.

This may be part of the story, but not the whole story, at least for
Inspiron 3500.  I had APM working fine under Redhat 5.2 (I think
kernel 2.0.36?) on this machine.  I believe I am seeing an interaction
between BIOS and kernel, that I can work around if I can configure the
kernel properly.


William F. Dowling
ISI/Thomson Scientific (www.isinet.com)
215-386-0100 x-1156

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