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Re: freeze after suspend on Inspiron 3500, potato/2.2.17

Thanks, Jeffery.  I've tried this (i.e. CONFIG_APM=y and everything
else under APM off) with the same problem of freezing up when I try to
resume.  At least with this config I don't go into suspend after a
period of inactivity.

Can anyone suggest whether the problem is likely to be solved by going
to a 2.2.18 kernel (I'm using 2.2.17)? Or is the difference more
likely to be due to the difference in platform (I'm on an Inspiron



Jeffrey S. Coppock writes:
 > I have a Dell Latitude CPxH that runs very well with APM and otherwise.  Here's my 2.2.18 kernel config...if it's not listed, it's not set:
 > [...]

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