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Re: PCMCIA burnout?

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 10:24:33PM -0600, Nathan Bockrath wrote:
> Using this particular setup I have the following results to report:  3
ethernet cards no longer functioning after 24 hours.  I hesitate to continue
using these cards this way.  I think the cards get too hot in the slot when
put in there together.  They get hot to the touch, but not enough to burn my

> Anyone seen a similar result?  What cards should I use instead? 

I have a Xircom 10/100 + 56k combo card (RealPort).  The ethernet port has
been working just fine, as far as I know.

I'm not so happy about the modem port though.  For some reason the card
seems to get hotter when the modem is running than when ethernet is running,
although it does get hot under ethernet (I've never used both at the same
time for more than 5 minutes).   

But in the last month or two I noticed modem performance has been much worse
than previously, with the modem just freezing up (das blinkenlites become
solid, blinking no more) and ppp times out and turns itself off.  Since the
last couple of months coincides with an Australian summer, and performance
was improved by pointing a fan at the computer, I suspect the surrounding
environment simply got too hot for the poor modem.


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