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Re: PCMCIA burnout?

> also sprach Nathan Bockrath (on Mon, 05 Feb 2001 10:24:33PM -0600):
> > Anyone seen a similar result?_ What cards should I use instead?_
> i am running a 3com cardbus 575 10/100 along with the psion dacom
> goldcard 56kbit fax/isdn/gsm for two years now in one slot and never
> had a problem...
> martin

I abuse my poor little magio by leaving my D-link DFE 650 in it night and
day - sometime remembering to remove the little cord when I don't need it,
that's in the way, but not always remembering to power down the slot.

Failing getting a card which doesn't overheat :)  I've read that there is
an expanded bay that fits type I, sticks out and gives a type III slot.
potentially, you could get one of that, keep a card in the bottom bay, and
this in the top.  Whichever card likes to run hotter, put in this expansion
bay, so it's got some air flowing over it.  And maybe the fact that the 
expansion bay has less interesting circuitry will be cooler for the other
card too.

But this is all conjecture.

When you stop for lunch, or to think, and it's not doing a download or
something, I recommend running
	cardctl eject 

...which won't spit out the card, but will power down the slots, and that
may give them a chance to cool.

It may be worth seeing if you can find a combo card which can both speak
ethernet, and to your japanese cellphone.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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