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PCMCIA burnout?

Hi all,
  Thanks for all the responses on the multiple laptop installs.  I'm still working out which solution is best for me.
I have some experiences I want to relate regarding this install and would like to hear your thoughts.
I have a situation which requires that I have a 10baseT ethernet connection and a modem connection
via the PCMCIA slot at the same time.  I have the ability to put 2 type II PCMCIA cards in the slots on the laptop, so I have a Linksys Ethernet card in one and the modem card in the other (which, coincidentally,
is attached to a cellular phone made for the Japanese market.)  ((( Guess what I do for a living... )))
Using this particular setup I have the following results to report:  3 ethernet cards no longer functioning after 24 hours.  I hesitate to continue using these cards this way.  I think the cards get too hot in the slot when put in there together.  They get hot to the touch, but not enough to burn my fingers...
   Patient:  "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
   Doctor:   "Don't do that."
Anyone seen a similar result?  What cards should I use instead? 
Have a good evening/morning/afternoon, as the case may be.

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