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Re: Re: Lilo dualboot and Slink

Thanks I got it, I have a Potato work station here at work that
dualboots  win2k(very forgettable) that I forgot I had.I did the
lilo.conf file
and ran lilo. When I rebooted I hit the shift key and typed crap
(thats my win2k label) and It booted to win2000.

Thanks everyone

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---- On Mon, 05 Feb 2001, Jon Busey (busey@grove.ufl.edu) wrote:

> >You must declare the number of the partition.
> >
> >Ex : /dev/hda1
> No, you must write, on a line by itself:
> prompt
> somewhere above the two entries. Run 'lilo -v', and if typing
in : 'win'
> or whatever you have it mapped to when it boots up still
doesn't work,
> send the output.  Or just read the lilo-howto and figure
things out.
> Jon
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