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external display at the same time as LCD on Dell Latitude

I have a Dell Latitude CPx 500, with an ATI Rage Mobility graphics
card, and with Debian unstable installed, and XFree86 4 (although I
had the same problems with potato and XF86 3.3.6).

I want to be able to have the display appear on the LCD screen, and
the external display (a projector) at the same time. If I do Fn-F7 to
switch between them, I can get one or the other but not both at the
same time. Since I want to use the machine for lectures where I face a
class with the machine in front of me, and the big screen behind, this
is something of a problem.

In windows, I can use the display settings tool to make both displays
work at the same time.

In the ATI Xfree86 docs, there appears to be an option to force the
machine *not* to use both at the same time, claiming that it will
default to using them both at the same time. 

Has anybody else encountered this? Any suggestions?


  Gilbert Laycock                 email:          gtl1@mcs.le.ac.uk
  Maths and Computer Science,     http://www.mcs.le.ac.uk/~glaycock
  University of Leicester         phone:         (+44) 116 252 3902

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