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T21 (was: best "new" laptop)

> thinkpad T21. (or T20)
> they're powerhouses, light (4.6 lb), have cd/dvd support, are super
> reliable, ibm supports linux on them (well, not winmodems and maybe not the
> internal NIC) and I've had a bunch of thinkpads w/ linux and they've been
> great. I've even got a 760-EL (p133) that I still use from time to time.
> it's just great.
> glen

regarding the winmodem, try the pointer off linmodems.org for the thinkpad
modem driver.  Model number is a different series so I suppose it's possible
it's a different chip, but... there aren't that many winmodem makers, total,
so your chances are pretty good.

* Heather * star@ many places...

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