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RE: Best "new" laptop

thinkpad T21. (or T20)

they're powerhouses, light (4.6 lb), have cd/dvd support, are super
reliable, ibm supports linux on them (well, not winmodems and maybe not the
internal NIC) and I've had a bunch of thinkpads w/ linux and they've been
great. I've even got a 760-EL (p133) that I still use from time to time.

it's just great.


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I currently have a Toshiba 720CDT, and overall have been happy with it.  I
_may_ have an opportunity to get a new laptop (with someone else's money
I want to get feedback regarding "current" laptops on the market and how
they work with Linux.  My goal here is to get the fastest, lightest, Linux
compatible laptop out there.  Something with a "thin" form-factor and with
battery life, but with the horsepower to be a desktop replacement when
in a docking station.  (I don't want much, do I?)  Since I'm in the
stage right now, my question is this...

If you had an unlimited budget on which to spend on your "dream" Linux
what would you buy and why?

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