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Re: Best "new" laptop

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>>>>> "Heather" == Heather  <star@starshine.org> writes:

    Heather> For example, the only vendor-supported open source winmodem is
    Heather> IBM's.

True enough.  I agree that IBM's Linux support is probably better than most
vendors (although IIRC Dell offers Linux pre-installed on some of their
models).  And if I weren't on a student's budget, I'd probably have gotten one
instead of my Toshiba.  Just don't expect a ThinkPad to automatically work with

    Heather> You won't find a laptop that's an S/390, but there's linux for it,
    Heather> and I doubt that would have happened without some cooperation.

IIRC, IBM's server and PC operations are different divisions.  Their server
division seems to be fairly good with Linux.  But I don't think you can even
get their PC division to send you a machine without Windows pre-installed.

    Heather> hmm.  I do care somewhat about battery life.  if passive matrix
    Heather> use less energy, and the screen quality is good enough, I might go
    Heather> for it.  Anyone know if the difference is significant to the
    Heather> battery?

Actually, I seem to recall active matrix being easier on the battery, because
it takes less energy to activate a pixel due to the transistor layer.  I'd have
to double check on this, though.


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