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Re: Best "new" laptop

Tom Hoover <lists+debian@hisword.net> writes:

> My goal here is to get the fastest, lightest, Linux compatible
> laptop out there.  Something with a "thin" form-factor and with long
> battery life, but with the horsepower to be a desktop replacement
> when placed in a docking station.  (I don't want much, do I?)  Since
> I'm in the "dreaming" stage right now, my question is this...

i like mine... ;-) it's a Dell Latitude CS 400XT: Pentium II 400MHz,
256MB of RAM, 12GB disk, 1024x768 video, floppy and cdrom are
external, about 4lbs.  it has a full-size keyboard and between that
and the screen it beat out the Viao for me.  i run Debian, a bunch of
servers, VMware, xmms, etc and am very happy.  No compatibility
problems whatsoever, but the hotswap port isn't _completely_ supported
yet (that is, you can plug the cdrom in, but you have to rmmod
ide-probe; modprobe ide-probe to get it to work, which means having
IDE modular, which means initrd.  you can of course hotplug the floppy
drive since PC's always have a floppy controller... ;-)

it was around $2100, and i ditched my 9lb gateway solo like an old


Ian Soboroff                                       ian@cs.umbc.edu
University of MD Baltimore County      http://www.cs.umbc.edu/~ian

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