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X 4.0.2 and tecra 8000

I just upgraded my toshiba tecra 8000 to sid this afternoon and have a few new problems. After the dist-upgrade to X 4.0.2, X started up fine. I went and grabed kernel 2.4.0 and rebooted using it. Helixcode gdm logged me in and gnome started up. I went ahead and switched to a console and killed gdm. Later I typed "startx" and it just sat for a while and then went to a black screen. Which locked everything up and I had to powerdown. I rebooted with kernel 2.2.17 this time and tried again. Same thing. I remember a problem with xfs and the 2.4 test kernels from a while back but since I tried this with
2.2.17 I don't think that's the problem.

Any ideas?


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