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RE: PCMCIA to SCSI cards



Well, I can't speak for Adaptec cards or anything, but I will tell you to
keep away from the latest version of New Media Bus Toaster card.

As this is a public forum, I cannot type the words I want to use to describe
this useless, miserable, stench-ridden piece of maggot vomit.   (Hmmm... I
think that covers it pretty well, actually!)

The chip inside the card is unknown (and New Media aren't giving the details
away), and whilst I was able to get the symbios sym53cs500 (or whatever it
is) driver to see the card, it simply didn't work.  

By "didn't work" I mean it would give SCSI timeout errors when scanning the
SCSI bus, the occasional hardware lockup, taking and not releasing IRQs and
I/O space, etc.

(As an aside, I was also trying to get it to run under NT, and the driver
from New Media toasted my NT kernel.  No great loss there, but annoying. 
There are four of us here with these cards, and none of us have managed to
get them to work, and that includes using them with Linux, NT and Macintosh.)

If you do buy a PCMCIA SCSI card, make sure you get a written assurance from
the supplier that you can get it replaced if it doesn't work.  We didn't,
and now the supplier is being difficult about the whole situation.


On 10-Jan-2001 Jens Helweg wrote:
> Hi,
> So my question is: Does anyone have a PCMCIA to SCSI card working with
> Linux and can recommend one or tell me her/his experience with it ?
> Thanks.
> Jens

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