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Re: Turning off esd

> I would like to automatically turn off the Enlightenment Sound Deamon
> (esd) and remove the sound modules before suspending my laptop and turn
> everything back on when resuming. Otherwise sound does not work anymore
> after resuming and I have to reload the modules manually. I tried
> putting "esdctl off; modprobe -r i810_audio, etc." into a script in
> /etc/apm/event.d. However this does not seem to work since esdctl is
> executed from the root account and esd was started from a normal user
> account by Gnome.
> Did anyone already solve this problem? I appreciate all suggestions!

This is a wild suggestion and I have not tried it, but just thought it
might work,

'fuser -k /dev/dsp'

If I am not wrong ESD uses /dev/dsp and the '-k' option to 'fuser'
should kill the process. And since the event.d script is run from
root, this should kill the process as you wanted.

good luck and have fun,


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