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Re: kapm-idled

> > and swith off all device wich can be off, if procesor is running allmost on
> > full power then needs more power? is that right? 
> When your CPU is idle it does not consume as much power as when it is
> heavily working if it is that what you meant.
> > then means that for me if procesor is loaded in full need more power =
> > shorter battery work?
> Exactly.
> But you should, what was my point, not include kapm-idled in that assumption
> because that makes your computer save battery power.
ok I understand that now, but somebody I think from Developers told
somthing like they coud "hide" this and do not show it. If thats not
taking power unneceserry or is some fake is not relly good to show this,
some ppl have on takskbar
applet wich show how much power of procesor is in use, few
times i found out that MC hang (when I use it from root account) and it
take almost all procesor speed, when kill this proces was
fine, but in simmilar situation  ppl will have fals alarms :>


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