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Re: Parallel attached CDR - recomendations?

Nate Bergmann: 
> > I am looking for a method to archive a bunch of stuff off of a couple
> > different computers and since one is a laptop and one a desktop, it
> > seems a parallel attached CDR drive might be the answer (I'm not
> > enthused about Zip or Iomega drives).  I know that the kernel has
> > support for these devices, but I would like others' opinions on a good
> > drive, write reliability, etc.  Speed is secondary at this point and a 2

> I've never tried one of these. But an external scsi writer is another 
> solution. Maybe it's more expensive but i think it's more reliable than a
> parrallel writer. 
> Greetz,
> Jo

Hmm, well, there are some PCMCIA to SCSI cards, that's true.  Not exactly
lightweight anymore when you're talking about lugging the device around, tho.

I just purchased a CenDyne CD-rewriter (4x, 4x, 20x read).  From its PCMCIA
cord, it works okay so far -- needed to hit the power button on the side 
*after* the card was inserted to properly establish it (in other words, merely
having power plugged in wasn't enough, the card needs the power surge, then
it's a happy ATAPI) but that's okay.  The disc bay is not notably taller than
my Addonics;  the brick isn't very heavy, nor all that large (circa 2" x 2.5")

I haven't burned enough discs with it to have good statistics on that yet.

Disadvantage over my Addonics CDrom bay is it requires external power, period;
but, that's an acceptible limitation for a high capacity writing device, to me.
If I only need a reader I'll still carry the Addonics.

CenDyne also offers the same device with a USB cord, or I can order a cendyne-
to-USB cord for it.  (For those of you in California, I could only find the
PCMCIA box at Fry's.)  The price was less than Addonics' CDRW by better than 
$100, and I couldn't find the Addonics one in a store anyway.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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