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Re: kapm-idled (fwd)

   (re-sending to the list because my keyboard screwed-up)

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Tom Breza wrote:

> Hi I just instoled kernel 2.4 on my Tosh Satelite pro 4320
> and I found that proces kapm-idled is taking quite a lot of CPU time
> this is line from top
> 3   root  19   0      0    0      0  SW      0 71.6  0.0  14:46 kapm-idled
> this proces take all the time so much of procesor Time, thats quite
> inoying, anyone know anything about it?

   That's normal. Wither 2.4 kernels, when the kernel has nothing to do
it invokes a kernel thread, called kapm-idled, which is then responsible
to activate the power-saving features of the CPU.

   The same was happening behind the stages in 2.2. The only difference
is that with a 2.4 kernel this thread is visible and that it appears to
take all the CPU. This is not to say that making it visible was a good
idea. People keep wondering what is this kapmd process which is why it
has been renamed to 'kapm-idled' in more recent kernels. Plus it makes
the 'idle' value of top completely meaningless and throws off a few
other applications. Oh well.

> I belive that is somthing with APM, in Kernel conf I took support for
> Toshiba Laptop and APM is also activate, 
> This is not really good to keep on laptop becuse battery will run quickly 

   Quite the opposite as you can see.

   Actually on my laptop, after a few days of uptime and intensive use,
kapm stops taking all the CPU time. That's when my processor gets hot
and the CPU fans keeps switching on and off (when kapm works fine and
the machine is idle the fan is off all the time). If someone has any
idea why this happens (kernel 2.4.0test9) please let me knoe.

   So you see, it's a good thing that kapm-idled takes all ther CPU.

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