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Re: kapm-idled

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 02:30:04PM -0500 Brian Connelly wrote:


could you please learn how to quote?
One's own additions always belong below the part you are refering to.

I corrected this for you this time.

>> Hi I just instoled kernel 2.4 on my Tosh Satelite pro 4320 and I found that
>> proces kapm-idled is taking quite a lot of CPU time this is line from top

> I noticed the same process running on my laptop.  Basically what
> kapm-idled is supposed to to is tell the kernel/hardware that the machine
> is idle, and, on some machines, power savings MAY occur.  I disabled it
> myself..
> For more information, check out CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE

Yes and you should have recognized that there are no negative side effects
of kapm-idled it does _not_ consume CPU Power which would be needed otherwise.

Test it while encoding videos or something else which should consume all
CPU-power by itself.

So you could say it is a cosmetical bug, but not more.


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