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Re: Problems with sound (CS4281) and IRDA

Yes, yes, replying to myself.....

> 1. The sound chip (Crystal 4281) is unusable.
Correction: with 2.4.0 (final) it works like a charm. Now I only have to fix the
IRDA problem and get the Lucent WinModem to work (I am just compiling the kernel
module), and every piece of hardware in this Notebook works.

BTW, has anybody here had success with hot-swapping devices ? My notebook can
hot-swap the DVD- and floppy drive, but I am not sure if this works under Linux.
And another small, but irritating problem: When the floppy drive is not
connected and e.g. the automounter tries to access it, there is a timeout of
more than 3 minutes. Anybody encountered this ?

best greets,

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