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Re: Problems with sound (CS4281) and IRDA

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Rene Mayrhofer wrote:
> I am reading on this list for a while now (having bought a Gericom Phantom
> notebook in October) and there are 2 problems that are bugging me for some time
> now:
> 1. The sound chip (Crystal 4281) is unusable. Although I can load the kernel
> module from 2.4.0-test12 (I had to wait for reiserfs for 2.4.0, but I will try
> now) without any problems, the sound is chopped and/or echoed. It sounds like
> the same passage is repeated a few times, overlapping with new passages. Sound
> files take significantely longer to play (maybe about 3 - 5 times longer). Maybe
> an interrupt problem ? Under Win2000 it works very well.
> Unfortunately I can not get ALSA 0.5.10 to compile with 2.4.0, which has a
> CS4281 module for the first time.
try a different set of IRQ/IO/DMA settings.  Try CS4281 @ IRQ=5, IO=0x534,
DMA=1 and the MIDI part (if used) @ IRQ=9, IO=0x388 (if I remember) and
DMA=0.  The problem you are describing is definately a resource setting
problem.  Probably DMA (clash between printer ECP and soundcard?)


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