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Re: Mouse on fire

* Artur Guja <skybird@from.pl> [010106 15:32]:
> For a couple of weeks now I've been trying to configure X on my laptop with
> my A4 Tech WWW-11 mouse (PS/2). The XFree 3.6 was all right when configred
> as IMPS/2. However, after switching to XFree 4.0, the mouse behaves funny.
> It works all right for a couple of seconds, then just jumps erratically all
> over the screen, pressing buttons at random, and then again a couple of
> seconds of proper behavior, again and again.
> Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Is it a laptop problem, or maybe a
> mouse/X problem?

Are you using gpm? If yes, this seem the "very known" problem (maybe we
need a FAQ) with gpm and X. Take a look at the archives of this list:
just some days ago there was a thread about this.


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