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Re: Installation problem w/ ASUS S82000

> I just had a similar problem myself.  If you look in the archives for
> this list for december, the last email by "dude" has a fairly detailed
> answer.  Basically, the system does a scan whenever it starts cardmgr.
> If there is a resource conflict in the areas it scans, it will hang.
> I had to edit /etc/pcmcia/config.opts and tell it to exclude some
> resources.  Which ones I think is specific to your particular system,
> on mine I had to add the line:
> exclude irq 5
> so it would not conflict with the sould card.
> To do this, boot into the installation using the DVD-ROM, and select
> the option  "execute the shell".  mount your harddisk with a command
> like:
> mount /dev/hda1 /mnt
> (this assumes that you are using the first partition on the first IDE
> drive as your root partition)  Then cd /mnt/etc/pcmcia/ and use the
> ae editor to change config.opts.  Maybe somebody else can comment as
> to which resources it would be good to exclude.
> Hope this helps
> Luke
> (sluke@mit.edu)

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the tip. I was not successful to find out the
offending IRQ, nevertheless I removed both the start & the
stop link for the PCMCIA service in the rc2.d & rc0.d

I know this is not the final solution, but I'm a step
further. Today I'll try the suggestion from Jo Geraerts
about changing the port-range.

I'll report mz findings to the list.

Thanks once more for the helpful suggestions.


      Viktor Ransmayr

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