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Installation problem w/ ASUS S82000

Hello everybody,

I'm failing to install Debian 2.2 r0 on my new ASUS S8200 laptop.

Laptop info:
o Mobile PIII w/ 700 Mhz
o PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Rel.6.0
o CRT Display mode: XGA w/ res.1024 x 768
o 10 GB IDE-HD from Toshiba
o DVD-ROM from Toshiba
o and USB-support

For every other details please check


Installation Media:
Binary-CD1 from a german distributor LinuxLand using the
DVD-ROM as the boot device.

Installation steps:
Installation is OK until you need to restart the system;
i.e. I've tried it with and without a small /boot partition
to insure that it is not a problem with cylinders > 1024.

After the reboot the system seems to startup normally, the
only message I do not understand and might be suspicious is:

chmod: /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory
INIT: Entering runlevel: 2
Starting system log daemon: syslogd klogd.
Starting PCMCIA services: modules cardmgr.

This is the last boot message, than the system hangs
or does whatever.

Can you please advise me what to do and/or whatever
other information detail you might need from my
failed installation attempt.

Kind regards,

     Viktor Ransmayr

PS: Don't be suspicious about the different e-mail address.
    I'm sending this from the mail-account of an italien
    friend of mine. ( And don't ask if I have nothing better
    to do while I'm in Italy :-)

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