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Re: Frozen pointer on a TP T20

On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 11:19:04PM -0500, Tom Emerson wrote:
> sen_ml@eccosys.com writes:
> > if you disable gpm before starting x, does the pointer still freeze
> > up?
> It turns out that something had changed /dev/mouse to point at
> /dev/gpm* (whatever) instead of /dev/psaux. Once I fixed that, all was
> good again.

Which is perfectly ok - There is something called the gpm "repeater"
which repeats the psaux or any mouse signals into /dev/gpmdata
which is a pipe. With this it is possible to run gpm and X parallel.

Sine somewhere in 2.1.xxx one can open /dev/psaux more than once
and you can stick gpm and X on /dev/psaux. Then you HAVE to 
disable the gpm repeater function otherwise gpm will continue
to read from /dev/psaux when not on text console which will
lead X to have a frozen mousepointer.
> I probably should just change my XF86Config to refer to /dev/psaux
> instead of /dev/mouse.

Or change the link /dev/mouse to point to /dev/psaux ...

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