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Re: Debian on a thinkpad i1540

Jens Helweg wrote:
> Carlos Hernandez wrote:
> > I have an IBM thinkpad i-series 1540 with a Netgear FA410tx pcmcia card, I
> > want to install debian from the net, but I didn't have success trying with
> > debian 2.1, It didn't recognize the pcmcia card.  Any ideas?

I used the boot disk for Omoikane Linux. It is a japanese distro but has
English option. I install the base system, then edit
/etc/apt/sources.list then finish installing.
try http://www.omiokane.co.jp/

Good Luck

Jack Morgan		   				    jack@mandinka.org
Debian 2.2						http://www.mandinka.org

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