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Re: Debian on a thinkpad i1540

> Carlos Hernandez wrote:
> > I have an IBM thinkpad i-series 1540 with a Netgear FA410tx pcmcia card, I
> > want to install debian from the net, but I didn't have success trying with
> > debian 2.1, It didn't recognize the pcmcia card.  Any ideas?
> Hi Carlos,
> according to http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ftp/SUPPORTED.CARDS
> NetGear FA410TXC
> is supported. I don't know if there's a difference in your card (TX) and the one
> mentioned there (TXC).
> I've never tried to install Debian from the net on a laptop. That requires to
> run the whole pcmcia package (cardmgr) with some boot disk in order to
> get the nework up and then be able to install it.
> I think there's a way to do that ( I saw it somewhere - unfortunately I don't
> remember
> where) but it might be easier to just get the CD's.
> Jens

I've done so.  Works really nice... when it works.  The SUPPORTED CARDS list
you just quoted is going to be 3.1.19, which is certainly -not- to be found
in Slink (debian 2.1)

To get this level of card services I had to reach past potato into woody. 
For me, the 3.1.8 in potato was nearly useless :( except for the cheap old
Taiwanese net card I use on the magio.

I don't suppose someone could cut a somewhat more modern slink-install 
floppy kit (that is it doesn't have anything new but kernel and drivers - 
still installs Slink base) until potato really rolls out?  

-* Heather Stern * star@ many places *-

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