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problem installing debian 2.2 potato on a dell inspiron 3500

	I got as far as downloading the files I need to install debian 2.2 potato
on my laptop. It boots up fine, I get to the installer, but now, there's a
dilemma with partitions. /dev/hda1 appears to have a little over 1 gig,
/dev/hda2 appears to have 4.something gigs, and I thought I had an 8 gig
hard drive, so I tried to create /dev/hda3 using fdisk, but it said, no
sectors free. Fips didn't seem to split anything off, can I just delete
partition 2 and install linux to it? It's a fat32 partition that doesn't
show up in windows, I only have drive c, and my cd-rom on d and my floppy
on a, and no other drives are shown. If there are two fat32 partitions,
they should both show. Is it safe to delete the 4 gig one, to put linux on?
If one of them is the suspend to disk area, how can I disable it, as I
can't find anything related to it in control panel, device manager, or any
of the power settings in windows, can it be changed through /dev/nvram, or
it's equivalent, whatever it is, in windows? Someone told me I could make
my system unusable by playing with /dev/nvram.

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