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Re: Installing potato on a laptop

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> I have a mate who wants me to install linux on his system.  Unfortunatly for
> some reason the floppy and cdrom can't be used at the same time.
> The url for his system is at the following,
> http://www.olecomp.com/ihdesk/portab_u/EchosP/EchoP100DEndUser.htm
> I guess I would have to boot into DOS and run the install from there.
And you didn't say but we must assume, it also cannot boot fm CD?
Thus making the possibility of burning the floppy image into the boot
area of a CD not terribly useful to you.

Perhaps you could try Tom's Root/Boot - it will load up into memory so
you can ditch the floppy - then swap the CD in, and use that to format
the local system, and drop in "base".  with that, and a kernel kit,
you should be able to boot from the hard disk instead.

Beware of BIOS' which insist upon their hibernation space being a file on
a FAT filesystem...

* Heather Stern * star@ many places

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