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kernel 2.2.16


successfully, i compilied and installed kernel
2.2.16.   oddly, it only works for my deskbox.  the 2
laptops  would have nothing to do with it _after the 2d
reboot_.  (in other words, the laptops would boot the
compiled 2.2.16 kernel from a floppy, but when i
rebooted after that, from the same floppy, i ended up
with "kernel panic: vfs: unable to mount fs on 03:01". 
and then, it hangs...to the point where i cannot even
mount /; so then i have to do a fresh slink install.)

i used the same compile method for both the deskbox and
lapboxes: "make menuconfig;make dep;make install;make
modules;make modules_install."  (each machine had its
own kernel complile.)

partition scheme:
/dev/hda1   1.5mb (/)
/dev/hda2   128k (swap)
/dev/hda3   333k (/backup)

laptop #1:  p233/32ram
laptop #2:  p400/64ram



bentley taylor.


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