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Re: apt-cache (was as86 ...)

> > > I think it can.  Try it on a package that you haven't got installed.
> > > Brendan Simon.
> > 
> > No -- the reason it works in this particular case is because as86 is
> > mentioned in the description of bin86.  If a file isn't mentioned in the
> > description, or somewhere similar, apt-cache search won't find it.
> darn, thought that might be the case.
> as a side note, does anyone have a fool-proof way of determining which
> package a file on a given system "belongs" to?  typically, i grep
> among /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list, but i don't think this will turn up
> files that are created during the installation process (as compared to
> files that are included inside of debian packages that just get
> unpacked).

Um, you could combine this method with installwatch, and have it log to
.iw files or something.  But it'd require a wrapper around dpkg I think.
Errr, console-apt : does it used the dpkg commandline app, or just reach
for the lower libraries?

Don't forget the list of configfiles too.  (which as far as the packager
knows, belong to Local Sysadmin :> )

(rathole alert: this isn't a very laptop-ish topic.)

-* Heather Stern * star@ many places 

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