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Re: lame hack to get dhcpcd and friends working...

From: "Daniel Pittman" <daniel@danann.net>
Subject: Re: lame hack to get dhcpcd and friends working...
Date: 22 Jun 2000 13:11:25 +1000
Message-ID: <[🔎] 87ya3yjtpe.fsf@inanna.danann.net>


> > i'm using dhcpcd, so i don't know whether there is something analogous
> > i can do.
> There didn't seem to be, the last time I checked. Which is one of the
> reasons that I changed over to the dhclient package.

hmmm, may be i should have a look at that ;-)

> > that aside, the fact that users need to customize their systems for
> > something so basic via writing their own shell scripts (so everyone
> > has a different implementation) isn't a very good situation, imo.
> Well, I could see some advantages in there being a standard shell-script
> provided that did relevant things when the address of the machine
> changed. Maybe I should clean up my scripts and put them up somewhere...

that would be appreciated.  now if those scripts were to make it into
a debian package...

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