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Re: lame hack to get dhcpcd and friends working...

On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, sen ml <sen_ml@eccosys.com> wrote:

> during the boot process, the pcmcia subsystem doesn't initialize
> itself quickly enough on my machine.  as a result, arpwatch and
> friends don't start up correctly because there is no interface
> available when they try to start.

Yup. Worse still, if your DHCP server does not keep the same address all
the time, some services don't cope that well, as I discovered.

> i've discovered that pressing control-s right after cardmgr comes up
> can solve my problem.  really lame i know ;-)  once i hear the two
> beeps of recognizing my ethernet card, i press control-q and things
> proceed nicely.
> i wonder if this problem will every be "fixed"...

Well, if you use dhclient, you can put a sh(1) script in
/etc/dhclient-exit-hooks to restart those services when the IP address
changes and all.

That works for me. :)


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