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Re: Install Disk Reboots Machine

This sounds quite a bit like a problem I had with my Tosh Satellite.  The
answer was to use zimage boot disks rather than the bzimage disks which are
used for most machines.  I believe they are also called the tecra images
because that machine commonly required them.  Perhaps this can be clarified
by another lister.  I don't have time to get the archived mail, but if no
one has expanded on this by this evening, I'll see if I can dredge up the


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From: "Claude Rubinson" <cmsclaud@arches.uga.edu>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2000 3:55 PM
Subject: Install Disk Reboots Machine

> I am attempting to install Slink on my Dell Latitude XPi Laptop (Pentium
> 90, 24MB RAM, 772MB Hard Drive, floppy drive, no cdrom). When beginning
> the install root.bin appears to load fine, but towards the end of loading
> the kernel into memory, the machine spontaneously reboots.  I've searched
> through the laptop-HOWTO, the debian bug reports, and the mailing list
> archives but haven't been able to find anything. Does anyone have any
> experience with such a problem?
> Thanks,
> Claude
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