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Linksys PCMLM56 not working?

Some time back there was someone on this list that had a Linksys PCMLM56
card (combo 10/100 Ethernet and 56k modem) that they were having troubles
with.  I have that same card, and am wondering if anyone has figured out how
to get it working under woody.  When I was still running slink it worked
just fine, but after upgrading to woody the modem part stopped.  Near as I
can tell the serial port portion of the card is just not being recognized. 

I'm currently using kernel 2.2.16, pcmcia-cs 3.1.14-1 (freshly compiled just
a few hours ago).  Fortunately at this point in time use of the modem is not
too terribly important, but I'd like to get it working for whenever I do
need it.
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