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Re: saving battery by syncing less

Hi Heather,

thanks for your comments!

On Sun, 18 Jun 2000, Heather wrote:

> I don't believe I'd seen a reply to this, so here goes.  We've had considerable
> threads on this.  I did a decent attempt at summarizing the suggestions a bit 


Maybe we should suggest an update to the Battery-Savings-HOWTO and let
these experiences and the recent thread flow into that.

> I have determined through experimentation that 'noflushd' seems to be the
> most part of a correct answer here.  My tests have it working well on kernels
> 2.2.12 through 2.2.16 (a 2.2.16 custom kernel, I have to note)

dpkg: *noflushd* not found.
Do you have any information on hand, where I could go look for this tool?
Debian Package? URL?

> It however will only let you spin down for about 20 minutes if you do not
> also adjust /etc/init.d/sysklogd to add the "-m 0" switch to syslog.  The
> darn thing insists on adding a (normally 20 minute) timemark to the log.

Yup, I worked already on all configuration files like syslog.conf,
My solution is, not to start any daemon I have no use for while
on battery. When I am connected to the network (business / home)
I am also connected to a power outlet, so I do not have any worries.

When running on batteries, I am mostly somewhere with no power and
no network, and just working on a manuscript typing text.
I made a setup in `netenv', which says no network. Thus it configures
only my loopback network. All other scripts in /etc/init.d received
something like this:

if [ -f /etc/netenv/netenv ]; then
        . /etc/netenv/netenv
        [ "$PROFILE" != "none" ] || exit 0

Thus, if I have no network, NFS, ntp and the like are not started
at all and this generates no logs in syslog whatsoever.
I disabled maillogs alltogether, as I do not need mail on the laptop.
Maybe only a MUA that connects directly to a mail server.

Anoyingly the syncs from the kernel are the only thing that keep
the disk spinning and my uptime on batteries too low.

Cheers, Etienne

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