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Re: questions about toshiba tecra 8100

/ "A. Demarteau (linux rules!)" <linux@disnet.demon.nl> was heard to say:
| 1. how does the speedtrap thing work

What's the speedtrap thing?

| 2. does the internal modem work with linux

It's a winmodem, alas. Lucent have a driver, but it only works with
the 2.2.12 (or thereabouts) kernel. I gave up and bought a PCMCIA

| 3. for the selectbay oce of the choices is a LS-120 drive what the hell is
| it?

One of the big super drives; with 120Mb capacity, I'd guess. I dunno,
I got the regular floppy.

| 4. do sound and X work without too much teaking?

They work, but require some tweaking.

| 5. is the IRDA port supported and has anyone tested it yet?

I haven't tried, I disabled mine in BIOS. One less interrupt to fight

| 6. is the port-replicator supportable under linux?

Sorry, I didn't get one.

| 7. any other notes of interrest in the combination linux and this laptop?

There's a tecra-linux mailing list: tecra-linux@cse.ogi.edu

See also:


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