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Re: questions about toshiba tecra 8100

On 17 Jun 2000, Norman Walsh wrote:

> | 3. for the selectbay oce of the choices is a LS-120 drive what the hell is
> | it?
> One of the big super drives; with 120Mb capacity, I'd guess. I dunno,
> I got the regular floppy.

The LS-120 drives are enhanced floppy drives that can store up to 120 Mb
on special LS-120 (or "SuperDisk") diskettes, similar to a ZIP Disk.  
The disks normally go for around $20 Cdn.  The drives are backwards
compatible with 1.44Mb and 720K floppies, and the drives read standard
floppy disks noticeably faster than a standard floppy drive.  They are
pretty common on iMacs, digital cameras, etc.
I have one of these drives in my desktop machine, and it works great under
Linux.  However, the device is an IDE device (I would suspect the one in
the laptop is IDE as well) so floppy tools like rawrite don't work
correctly with it.  This may or may not be a problem for you, depending on
what you intend to do with the drive.

http://www.superdisk.com/ for more information.

- Richard

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