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Re: Dell/3Com 10/100 Base-TX pcmcia network card

> I have a bunch of those cards, it is a 3com 10/100 cardbus ethernet card.
> The card is a 3c575 with A Dell label.  It should work fine with frozen
> with no different options from your other card.
> What are the symptoms when you plug it in.  What type of laptop do you
> have, keep in mind this is a card bus card and if your machine is 3 or
> more years old it likely won't recognize the card (the machine will act as
> if nothing was inserted, no noises or anything).
> Send the syslog output from when you insert the card.

OK, I plugged the thing into my laptop, and it worked perfectly. I plugged
it into his machine, and looked at syslog. There was one line I
spesifically noticed, namely the last one:

cardmgr[141]: executing: './network start eth0'
cardmgr[141]: + ioctl: operation not supported

What would this mean? His machine is a Dell, he got the card with it, and
it works in Windows. I am thinking: install unstable, kernel sources,
pcmcia sources, and compile, using my network card... actually, I suppose
I'll use the default kernel first, but unstable, anyway, since that is
what I'm running, and that is what works. From the problems I heard about
he pcmcia sources and 2.2.15 in frozen, I'm a little hesitant, is there a
reason to stick to 2.2.14?

Hugo van der Merwe

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